What is a "conservative tune?"

By Ray McClelland Sr. – Full Throttle Kustomz

Pay attention, because I am about to leak a secret – that most tuners do not want you to know!

When a tuner uses the term, “Conservative Tune” that’s a pretty solid indicator that the tuner does not have – or is not in a position to have – the confidence or the knowledge in his tuning abilities to dial your car in correctly!!!  In some cases the tuner just doesn’t have the knowledge or experience with your type of set-up.  Or, in other cases – like remote tuning – the tuner knows that tuning remotely simply cannot reveal critical aspects of your set-up that must be factored into the correct tuning adjustments.  Correct and accurate and effective tuning happens on a dyno, with skill, experience, training and software.

Some guys just aren’t in a position to tune your car correctly.  There I said it…

Simply put..a tune is either right or it is wrong…

If your tuner adjusts all of the tune parameters in his software tables – providing they actually have the training and the clearance they are supposed to – then all of the proper safeguards are built into your tune to help guard against bad gas, high outside temps, etc.” 

Do yourself a favor: Don’t get a “Conservative Tune.”  Get a skilled tuner at a qualified shop – in person, on a dyno.

Ray McClelland Sr. – Full Throttle Kustomz
Ray writes articles from time-to-time to guide car enthusiasts and racers to the best possible solutions for their performance goals.

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