Outsource Unique Jobs with FTK

Some jobs are just better outsourced...

If your automotive sales or service center handles high-performance, high-end or exotic vehicles, look to FTK for partner support.

High-performance, customized vehicles bring with them big-ticket, sophisticated  performances set-ups.  The owners are passionate – or the inventory valuable. 

We are decades experienced with hand-built, one-off and exotic performance car.  Our shop, equipment and software is set up to handle high-end, high-performance, big-ticket vehicles for street, pro-street, drag and a variety of off-road racing tracks in multiple classes.  

Look to FTK to support your needs with any of the following services:

  • Dyno Tuning for High-Performance Cars
    • Maximize Power and Performance
  • Baseline Reports
    • HP, TQ, A/F Ratio, Boost, Speed, etc..
  • High-Performance Upgrades
    • Turbochargers, Superchargers, nitrous, specially configured carb set-ups.
  • High-Performance Fuel Systems01
  • Performance Problem(s) Tracing and Correction
  • Engine Swaps & Complete Wiring
  • Equipment and Parts Acquisition
  • Engine Packages
  • Drivetrain & Exhaust Systems
  • Brakes, Suspension
  • Lift Kits to Lowering Kits
  • Wheel Packages & Much More!

Partner Confidentiality Understanding

No, we’re not looking for recognition.  The work we do for you is entirely confidential.  Our interest is in a stable working partnership – based on financially viable terms for you and us.  You customer’s identities are not our business or concern.  Indicating – in any way – that we’ve done work for you on your customer’s car is strictly against FTK policy.  That policy is held strong among our management team and every member of our staff. 

Bring Your Car or Vision to Full Throttle Kustomz

We Deliver performance. We’ll see you at the shop.