What type of fuel should I run...

... after a custom tune?

By Ray McClelland Sr. – Full Throttle Kustomz

Check with your tuner. Get the specifics here. It really, really matters...

As a general rule, street tunes are built for high octane fuel.  Race tunes can only be used with the specific fuel used to tune the car.  Using any fuel other than what your tuner recommends could end up causing catastrophic failure – which will be on very hard on your pocket book!

And yes, if you make a mistake and try to cover it up, tests can be run to determine the failure along with the fuels used so you could not only end up with a repair bill, you could end up paying for all of the testing as well.  As always best to be upfront and honest and ask for help. More often than not shops will offer help in getting you back in your ride if you don’t go in pointing fingers. We are all human here and mistakes happen!


Ray McClelland Sr. – Full Throttle Kustomz
Ray writes articles from time-to-time to guide car enthusiasts and racers to the best possible solutions for their performance goals.

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