Under certain conditions, we’ll provide almost any service resulting in improved power, performance, or elegence.  However, the services we focus on are listed on this page.  Need something more? Get in touch!


Dyno-Tuning & ECU Strategies

Up to 2,000 Horsepower, Decades' Experience in Tuning

Induction Systems

Turbochargers, Super Chargers, Nitrous Oxide

High Performance Equipment and Parts

Acquisition​ & Installation

Fuel Systems

Performance Air/ Fuel Ratio Management


Engine Swaps

Ford & Chevy LS Performance Engines

Ask us about Engine Swaps.  We are specialists with Ford & Chevy engines and can produce more power and torque from a swap than a typical crate motor.  Possibly, and perhaps more importantly for our West Coast customers, we can do it 50-States Legal!

Engine Packages

Get a tailored engine build to meet your exact specifications

As us about engine packages including parts, labor and tuning for racing, street and pro-street vehicles.

Kit Car Powertrains

Performance Engines for Kit Builds

For your new kit car, you’re going to need an engine with the overall build. We’ll pick up your car and drop in the power.  You drive it  home.



Do you have a dream, or a vision of perfection you’d like to see brought to life – and onto the highway?  We’ll build you a SEMA-worthy car from the tires up.  Just ask…



Full Throttle Kustomz maintains excellent relationship with major kit builders.  We work with established brands and proven models.  We’ll bring the power to the kit.

Factory Five Racing Model 818C
Factory Five Racing - Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe


Disc Brakes

Whether your muscle car needs a big brake kit, or your drag car needs light-weight calipers and vented rotors we can help.

Suspension Systems

Full Throttle Kustomz understands your suspension needs.  Whether you’re shooting to shave hundredths on the strip or hit +1 lateral G’s on the track we can install, set and align your suspension system – even for grocery runs.

Lift Kits to Lowering Kits

Looking to drop your ride? Want to move over to an air-lift kit?  We can help you get the stance you want to see.

Wheel Packages

Finishing touches or maybe more, we can offer the wheels you need – whether that’s to complete a look or compete.  As us about tire, wheel and installs.


Maintenance​ Services

Muscle, Hot Rod & Classic Cars: To ensure longevity and top mechanical performance get on a maintenance track with Full Throttle Kustomz.

CNC & Sheet Metal Fabrication

Under Certain Circumstances.  Talk with us about specifc requirements you may  have requiring custom part creation.  We may be able to help depending on your application.

Bring Your Car or Vision to Full Throttle Kustomz

We Deliver performance. We’ll see you at the shop.